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Welcome to  Kit & Kaboodle. My name is Patti Towers and I have taught beading classes for years in quality bead shops throughout the country.  That means I have first-hand knowledge of the frustration that can develop while learning new beading techniques.  I use that knowledge in developing my kits so that written instructions and patterns are clear and easy to understand.

I write instructions assuming a minimum of experience for that level, whether for BEGINNER KITS, INTERMEDIATE KITS, or ADVANCED KITS. Additionally, I include basic instructions such as KNOTTING ON & KNOTTING OFF in all of the kits so you may reference them regardless of your level of expertise.

All kits include needle, thread, and all beads you need for the project as well as pattern and instructions. For kits with seed beads and smaller beads I send more beads than needed so you will not run short.

Please feel free to contact me, vie email, if you feel something is not clear.   The best instructions in the world may need improvement and your comments are appreciated.  My reputation as a kit designer depends on the happiness of my customers!

               JEWELRY CLASSES


I have recently started teaching classes in my home studio.  If you live within driving range of Sycamore, I would love to have you join one of my classes.  For now my classes are offered on weekends only though I can arrange evening classes if there is interest.  Go to the class schedule page to see what is being offered right now.

If you would like to be notified by email whenever the class schedule is updated email me with your name and email address and indicate you want to be on the class schedule mail out. Your information is completely confidential - I DO NOT give that information to others.

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All kits, including patterns and instructions; all jewelry designs on this site including photos; the web site itself; are all copyrighted to Patti Towers who retains exclusive rights by law.  Permission to use any of the above mentioned must be obtained from me.   You may sell jewelry made from my designs but you must give design credit to me, Patti Towers, in writing, when you sell your piece.   You may teach classes using my designs but you must purchase a kit for each student.   Using your own teaching instructions for making one of my designs is a violation of copyright laws.   You may not reproduce and distribute my designs for sale or for publication.   I work very hard to develop these kits.  Thank you for your respect of my copyright.

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The Maui ring shown above was my first beaded ring - I didn't design it as such - it just kind of evolved!   It is still my favorite - perhaps because it reminds me of a vacation in the islands - sunshine, bright colors.   I also have a pink and rosy version of the ring.   The pink and rose sample is made but the kit is not yet available.   Watch for it in the very near future.


Would you like to try freeform peyote but you are unsure of how to to do it?   Not-So-Freeform kits give you an introduction to freeform peyote.   These projects have the LOOK of freeform but they are worked to an exact pattern.   In the process of completing your project you will learn some of the techniques of freeform.   I spend a lot of time developing the kits by first designing a freeform project then meticulously counting the beads and making a pattern.   Please do not attempt these kits unless you have some knowledge of peyote - the frustration might spoil you forever on the concept of freeform - and we don't want that!